Bespoke MEMS and Microsensor Solutions

High Performance Microsensors and Micro-Fabricated Components

Location-Aware IoT Solutions

Nanotron delivers wireless network sensors providing real-time, precise position data, augmented by contextual information

Intelligent Sensor fusion drives valued solutions for customers

Sensera is transforming the Internet of Things (IoT) real-time sensor data into meaningful information, action and value.

The company designs and manufactures sub-components to systems thru technologies which connect the physical to the electrical world in sensors. It combines these sensors thru wireless networks into IoT systems/platforms to provide a complete solution for customers needing to know what, where and when as mission critical information for their business.

Sensera Capabilities to Deliver in the Emerging IoT World

Sensera – Transforming Raw Sensor Data Into Meaningful Information

The combination of Sensera plus Nanotron delivers a company with proprietary integrated sensors and software products that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless data communication in several key markets.

Wireless IoT System Solution