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Wireless Sensor-Based Location & Situation Awareness

Sensera Microsystems

High Performance Microsensors & Micro-Fabricated Components

Location-Aware IoT Solutions

nanotron is a Wholly Owned Sensera Subsidiary

Sensera - Providing Location & Situation Awareness

To Enhance Enterprise Operational Efficiency and Boost Profitability

We are a leading End-to-End sensor and wireless communications company in the rapidly growing global Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT market


Sensera IoT: Through its recent acquisition of Nanotron, Sensera is a fast growing supplier of Location & Situation Aware IoT Solutions for enhancing enterprise profitability. Our platform combines application-specific sensors, high speed long range wireless connectivity, data analytics and machine intelligence to generate actionable data for enterprise decision-making.

Sensera Microsystems: An integrated fast-turnaround designer and manufacturer of specialized high performance microsensors and micro-fabricated components for Healthcare, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace markets. We deliver low cost & rapid response on complex MEMS & microdevice projects for companies transitioning prototypes to low level production and initial revenue ramp. We leverage in-house MEMS/microfab capabilities with a rapidly reconfigurable network of external partners and suppliers. This enables us to execute on a wide variety of projects, even those requiring exotic materials and processes. This positions Sensera Micrelectronics as a unique industry resource.

Sensera – Transforming Raw Sensor Data Into Meaningful Information

The combination of Sensera plus Nanotron delivers a company with proprietary integrated sensors and software products that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless data communication in several key markets.

Company News

Sensera Enters 3-year Multimillion Dollar Supply Agreement

13 November 2017 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement Highlights: Agreement further validates Sensera’s potential to provide high-value microfabrication services at scale to customers in multiple industries Agreement involves amendment to...

Sensera Appoints Ralph Schmitt as Chief Executive Officer

3 November 2017 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement Highlights: Sensera secures NASDAQ-experienced semiconductor industry veteran Ralph Schmitt as Chief Executive Officer A consistent driver of revenue growth, financial performance and...

Sensera Signs Smartbow Multiyear Exclusive Supply Agreement

11 October 2017 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement Highlights: Sensera signs exclusive Supply Agreement with farm animal health solution provider Smartbow, covering nanoLOC location chips a key component of Sensera’s location tracking...


Sensera Successfully Completes $7 Million Capital Raising

23 November 2017 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement Highlights: Sensera raises $7.0 million via placement at $0.30 per share Placement supported by new and existing sophisticated investors and institutions Capital raising positions Sensera...

Sensera Announces it has Acquired Nanotron Technologies GmbH

Will Position Sensera as Leading Wireless Sensor Network Company in Rapidly Growing IoT Space September 12, 2017, Chelmsford, MA:Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1) (Sensera or the Company), creates a leading sensor based location and situation awareness...

Henslow Quarterly Review – May 5, 2017

Event Sensera (ASX:SE1) has today released its report for the quarter ended 31 March 2017, detailing its progress in achieving the goals the company set in February of 2017. The company has made good progr ess in satisfying these objectives to date and has...