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  About Us

Sensera, Inc., of Chelmsford Massachusetts, is a development stage biological sensor company developing products for the Point of Care (POC) clinical diagnostics market. The Company has a unique sensor array technology that allows rapid, highly sensitive detection of proteins and DNA sequences. The technology is protected by four patents and features femtomolar sensitivity, allowing it to detect proteins like cardiac markers at a concentration at least an order of magnitude lower than current state-of-the-art assays. Sensera is incorporating this technology into a Point of Care (POC) Early & Rapid Analyzer (ER-A) to address unmet needs in the field of emergency medicine.

Sensera is positioning the (ER-A ) to initially address one rapidly growing market: Early Diagnosis of Myocardial Injury. ER-A’s high sensitivity for myocardial infarction indicators will enable the diagnosis of heart attacks (acute myocardial infarction or AMI) within two hours of the onset of chest pain, much earlier than possible with current tests. This eliminates the need for emergency personnel to wait for 6 hours in order to treat life-threatening AMI.

The Company is in its product development stage and expects to begin clinical trials in 2006.

Management Team

The Sensera management inlcudes:

Acting CEO - Samuel Straface, Ph.D.

  • Co-founder, Director, Sensera, Inc.
  • Founder/CEO of Triton BioSystems, Inc.
  • 15 years global sales & marketing and medical R&D at Boston Scientific Corporation and Johnson & Johnson.
  • Former Director, New Ventures Group, at Boston Scientific Corporation, responsible for leading the corporation's investments in discontinuous and disruptive technologies and businesses.
  • Previously, Dr. Straface was responsible for directing the upstream and downstream marketing activities for several worldwide businesses.
  • Former General Manager of the Professional Divisions for Johnson & Johnson in Australasia, where he led the sales, marketing and operations for three separate divisions.
  • Prior to that, he held a number of positions of increasing responsibility at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, serving minimally invasive surgical markets.

Dr. Straface holds a Ph.D. in neurophysiology from the University of Western Australia.


President – Hamed Borhanian

  • Founder/Director of Sensera, Inc.
  • 20 years as a serial entrepreneur
  • Co-founder of:
    • Aspen Systems, Inc.
    • Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
    • Aspen Poroducts Group
    • Triton Systems, Inc.
    • Triton Biosystems, Inc.
    • Elecon, Inc.
    • Former Vice President of Aspen systems, Inc.
  • Former Executive Vice President of Triton Systems, Inc.

Mr. Borhanian holds an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and a BE degree (honors) from McGill University.


CFO – Mark Lebel

Mr. Lebel is co-founder and CFO of Sensera Inc. He has 20 years operations, business development, strategic planning and entrepreneurship experience, with P&L responsibility up to $250MM.

He was the founding President and CEO of DSM Thermoplastic Elastomers Inc. where he built a $30MM business. Previously, he was the Global Business Director of Cabot Corporations Tire and Industrial Products Businesses. In this role, he achieved global profit records and lead teams responsible for negotiating over $1B in long-term supply contracts.

Mr. Lebel is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Ottawa and has completed executive management programs at Harvard Business School, The International Management Development Institute and the University of Michigan.

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