About Sensera

Your Source for Design and Manufacture of Microsensors and Micro-fabricated Components while also providing IOT based Wireless Sensor Location and Situation Awareness System Solutions.

Sensera Microdevices

Sensera IoT

Rapid Prototyping MEMS, Microsensors and electronic components

Sensera is an integrated, fast turnaround client-specific designer and manufacturer of specialized high performance microsensors and micro-fabricated components for the Healthcare, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace markets. We fulfill a capability gap for customers who may have limited capability to engineer their own micro-fabricated product or whose production requirements are insufficient for practical engagement with major high-volume suppliers.

Providing Wireless Sensor-Based Location and Situation Awareness

We are a leading End-to-End sensor and wireless communications company in the rapidly growing global Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT market, providing value add microsensors and sensor systems (Wireless Network Sensors).  Sensera partners with customers early and embeds itself into their supply chain with unique product and service offerings. This delivers high margin and long life cycle products in the medical device and industrial applications.


Uniquely positioned, Sensera operates at the intersection of specialized customer product execution and Matched-to-MarketSM volume manufacturing, whereby we understand and manufacture to the demands specific to our customers’ volume requirements whether it is custom design and small run manufacturing or transition to high throughput demand.

The company is a formidable supply chain partner providing:

  • In-house design and engineering
  • Highly efficient micro-fabrication operations
  • Quality systems
  • The ability to meet customer scale and economics
  • Effectively serving as an integrated product supplier to support customers growing business

Sensera is located in the heart of the Boston biotech and innovation hub – enabling close interaction with major customers.