Sensera works with customers in the medical, industrial, defense and aerospace markets as a manufacturer of micro-fabricated components for client-specific devices. Sensera works closely with the client to implement a quality-system based manufacturing process that provides timely delivery in volumes matched to that client’s needs.

Typical Microdevices Customer Profiles

Wireless Sensor-Based Location and Situation Awareness

We are a leading End-to-End sensor and wireless communications company in the rapidly growing global Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT market.  Facility has combined design and manufacturing areas and as a result is optimised for complex small scale production as designs can be tested and validated in the manufacturing area, and microsensor prototypes that are manufactured can be refined in the design area.

Medical Device

This customer has a biomedical product prototype but no manufacturing methodology for a key system component that enables significant system level product sales. Sensera is engaged with them to manufacture at Matched-to-MarketSM volumes under a FDA current good manufacturing practices quality system. Sensera has cost effectively integrated the prototype fabrication process into a streamlined quality-driven advanced manufacturing module. Sensera is also providing sub-system component integration and assembly for this customer in order to reduce the supply chain.

Early Stage Life Science Products

Sensera provides a recognized leading biomedical innovation center and other customers with sophisticated developmental process design, engineering and prototyping services. These include specialized processes for microfluidic organ-on-a-chip device manufacturing. Sensera’s proximity to this customer enables close collaboration and enables fast-turn prototype development. Sensera also provides engineering and Matched-to-MarketSM manufacturing for other customers who spin-out of this successful innovation center.

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