10 April 2018
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement

  • Sensera’s location awareness business, nanotron, partners with enterprise IoT platform provider ClearBlade
  • Adding ClearBlade as a middleware partner will bring new capabilities to nanotron’s tracking technology platform and empower the Company’s customers to seamlessly roll out large projects in multiple locations worldwide
  • Sensera is now showcasing the ClearBlade platform with initial application in ultra-precise patient tracking across multiple operating wards in hospitals

Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1, “Sensera” or “the Company”), a designer and manufacturer of end-to-end sensor solutions and services for the Internet of Things (IoT) market, is pleased to provide the following update to shareholders.

BERLIN, Germany and AUSTIN, TX, USA, April 9, 2018 – Sensera’s wholly owned German subsidiary Nanotron Technologies GmbH and enterprise IoT platform provider ClearBlade, Inc. today announced a partnership to add ClearBlade’s industry-leading IoT and Edge Computing platform to nanotron’s advanced tracking software.

This cooperation will enable nanotron to offer advanced Location Data Analytics (LDA) capabilities, adding a whole new dimension of capabilities to its tracking technology platform.

Nanotron creates deep, powerful insights into complex business processes by applying a flexible, scalable, and location technology-independent approach that generates consistent position information connected to application-specific reference data.

ClearBlade’s platform provides the necessary flexibility while handling all maintenance and security functions, leaving nanotron to focus on its core competency: Location Data Analytics. This creates a powerful yet easy-to-use LDA solution.

The ClearBlade platform will become a standard part of nanotron’s location awareness and LDA solutions. By providing a combination of IoT Edge and IoT Cloud platforms, ClearBlade’s software will enable nanotron’s customers to seamlessly roll out large projects in multiple locations worldwide.

Nanotron CTO, Rainer Hach, said:

“We  undertook  a  rigorous  and  methodical  search  for  a  middleware  partner.  We  sought  a  leading-edge vendor   that   could   support   real-time   processing,   modularity,   complete   security,   edge/cloud,   remote provisioning, extensive databases, and provide tight integration with our software platform.

“ClearBlade  was  far  and  away  the  only  vendor  that  fulfilled  all  of  our  strict  criteria,  and  we  are  truly delighted to be able to work with the market leader in this field.

“Event-based analytics will reap the business benefits of location awareness. By working with ClearBlade, nanotron is getting ready to deliver a powerful LDA tool.”

ClearBlade CTO, Aaron Allsbrook, said:

“Nanotron is a dominant player in location awareness, and ClearBlade’s platform will enable nanotron to offer  market-leading  LDA  solutions.  We  expect  this  to  be  a  successful  long-term  relationship  that  will benefit both our companies and our customers.”

Nanotron  is  now  using  the  ClearBlade  platform  to  showcase  ultra-precise  patient  tracking  across multiple operating wards in hospitals. The solution is based on chirp spread spectrum (CSS) and ultra- wideband  (UWB)  location  technologies,  utilising  additional  information  from  sensors  and  underlying building maps. It automatically detects all pre-defined treatment events, displays them in real-time, and logs them for further analysis in a database.

About ClearBlade, Inc.

ClearBlade  is  the  enterprise  Internet  of  Things  software  company  to  rapidly  engineer  and  run  secure, real-time,  scalable  IoT  applications.  ClearBlade  enables  companies  to  build  IoT  solutions  that  make streaming   data   actionable   by   combining   business   rules   and   machine   learning   with   powerful visualizations  and  integrations to  existing business systems.   Built from an  enterprise-first  perspective, the ClearBlade Platform runs securely in any cloud, on-premise, and at the edge.

The  ClearBlade Edge  Platform brings the full power of the  ClearBlade IoT Cloud  Platform to gateways and  industrial  servers  on  the  plant  floor,  job  site  or  building  facility.    Safely  behind  the  firewall,  the ClearBlade  Edge  Platform  intelligently  syncs  with  the  ClearBlade  IoT  Cloud  Platform  guaranteeing security, connectivity, execution and speed.

ClearBlade  is  developer  focused  with  an  extensive  library  of  proven  and  tested  pre-built  components and  integrations.  ClearBlade  accelerates  the  time-to-market  while  significantly  reducing  the  cost  and risk of delivering IoT solutions, creating new business models and revenue streams.

ClearBlade is headquartered in Austin, TX.   For more information about the company and its software, please visit clearblade.com.