19 February 2019
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement


  • Sensera has deepened its partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider ClearBlade to jointly develop the new 360° Edge Analytics platform solution, converting real-time sensor and location data into valuable business insights
  • 360° Edge Analytics is built with open architecture to interpret any sensor’s output and works with any location radio technology, based upon the industry-leading performance of ClearBlade’s IoT Edge Computing platform – connecting anything edge to cloud
  • Empowers end users across a range of industrial markets to securely configure unique events that are automatically recognised in real time. This combination lets customers focus on mapping their business processes onto the analytics platform and will accelerate time to market

Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1, “Sensera” or “the Company”), an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider that delivers sensor-based products transforming real-time data into meaningful information, action and value, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, nanotron Technologies GmbH, and enterprise IoT platform provider ClearBlade Inc are working together to deliver the new 360° Edge Analytics platform solution.

Expanding the two companies’ collaboration first announced on 10 April 2018, 360° Edge Analytics is the starting point for a new range of configurable analytics tools for the Industrial IoT with all the required secure software infrastructure in place. By extracting and processing real-time data directly at the edge, actionable insights can be derived with the lowest possible latency.

The solution is built on nanotron’s location-aware IoT sensors, which generate context information and location mapping. The Company’s Edge Anchors then forward ‘what, where and when’ information from these sensors to nanotron’s configurable Analytics Engine. Edge Anchors have been proven in real-world and large industrial applications, with many thousands of them deployed and running 24/7 worldwide.

The open architecture for any sensor and any radio location technology currently supports Chirp radio location and communication for low cost and long range, and ultra wide band (UWB) radio technology for very high precision down to 10cm. The system recognises inputs from motion, temperature and gas detection sensors.

Nanotron delivers its Analytics Engine with a set of generic event types, such as area and proximity events, and provides end users with the flexibility to configure their own unique event definitions which are then automatically recognised and reported by the system.

ClearBlade’s secure IoT Edge Platform provides the framework for building IoT solutions that make streaming data actionable by combining business rules and machine learning with powerful visualisations and integrations to existing business systems. Platform security includes encryption, authentication and authorisation of API access with tokens and certificates.

Since partnering in April 2018, Sensera and ClearBlade have identified the commercial value of developing a platform which facilitates configurable events that are automatically recognised in real-time data streams in a secure software environment. This combination empowers end users to focus on mapping their business processes onto the analytics platform.

This approach ensures quick time to market and creates the very insights that customers need to drive process optimisation and increase performance while reducing cost. Nanotron and ClearBlade’s 360° Edge Analytics platform represents a unique solution which helps customers to avoid the risks and costs inherent in building their own system from the ground up.