Will Position Sensera as Leading Wireless Sensor Network Company in Rapidly Growing IoT Space

September 12, 2017, Chelmsford, MA:Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1) (Sensera or the Company), creates a leading sensor based location and situation awareness organization by acquiring Nanotron Technologies GmbH (Nanotron), a leading provider of location awareness systems.

The acquisition will:

  • Position Sensera as a leading End-to-End Wireless Sensor Network company in the rapidly growing IoT (Internet of Things) space, with an existing presence in an addressable US $8 billion market – and with Tier I channel partners.
  • Enhance the Company’s capabilities as a vertically integrated designer of proprietary sensor systems; including chips, multifunctional sensor systems as well as proprietary data analytics that enable the “smart” functionality of its Wireless Sensors.
  • Enable Sensera to emerge as leading provider of location tracking, situation awareness and collision avoidance in two key markets: Livestock Monitoring and Mine Safety and Productivity.

Matt Morgan, Executive Chairman of Sensera said, “The acquisition of Nanotron provides a suite of products and services that allows for Sensera to be a dominant player in the rapidly growing global market of IoT. The merged entity will become one of only a few End-to-End total solution providers in the wireless network sensors market which is forecasted to grow from US $36 billion last year to US $93 billion by 2021. We are extremely pleased to welcome the Nanotron leadership team to Sensera.”

Ross Haghighat, Advisor to the Board also commented, “The merger between Sensera and Nanotron will establish one of industry’s only vertically integrated product and services companies that controls its own proprietary Wireless Sensor Network, consisting of ultra/low power sensors that deliver long battery life (up to 5 years) and extremely long standoff distance tracking of assets up to 2 km away in its current format. This combination positions Sensera as a leading provider of location tracking and collision avoidance platforms, enabling a number of high value applications worldwide.”

Jens Albers, CEO of Nanotron stated “By joining forces with Sensera, Nanotron contributes essential capabilities for smart IoT sensors and professional location-awareness and wireless data communication.  Sensera, in turn will facilitate accelerated revenue growth from our proven industrial verticals. I personally, and the entire Nanotron team, are excited to be part of a truly global company with a presence in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.”

About Nanotron

Nanotron is a venture capital backed, revenue phase business that is a leading provider of location-awareness products and services based in Berlin. Germany. Its platform delivers a complete integrated sensors system consisting of chips, modules and software that enable precise real-time positioning and concurrent wireless communication. The Company has established core markets, servicing large blue-chip end-users in the mining and agricultural sectors with Tier 1 customers representing a direct market opportunity for the Company’s products of A$850 million out of an addressable global market of US$8 billion. It is forecast CY17 revenues of -A$5.3m (€3.6m or US$4.2m) with strong forward orders expected for CY18 and CY19. Nanotron has a highly experienced leadership team with a staff base of 25 FTE professionals with diverse skills in location chips, radio hardware and embedded software development, loT product creation and technical customer support. It also has a significant suite of patented technology and IP.

About Sensera Ltd (www.sensera.com)

Sensera is rapidly growing a sensor based location and situation awareness organization that provides End to End sensor solutions and services in the rapidly growing world of IoT. Sensera manufactures a family of proprietary microsensors and sensor systems that serve the Medtech, Industrial, Animal Wellness and Mine safety and Productivity markets. Sensera’s Nanotron Division is a provider of hardware that enables sophisticated location and wellness tracking for farm animals (a US$5 billion market) and mine safety and collision avoidance (a $3 billion market) where its wireless tracking solution enable a series of services to clients worldwide.