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Deposit various metals and dielectric thin films


Deposition is a process to deposit metal layers and dielectric layers on silicon wafers. This process plays an important role to connect or isolate the circuits to create desired conductive pathways for customer devices. By accurately controlling the production parameters, Sensera produces each layer with good film-forming properties and integrates the layers to fulfill customer requirements.

Good Control of Thickness Uniformity for Thin Film

It is important to form a film that meets certain thickness specifications during the deposition process, and it is equally important to ensure the thickness uniformity, which is directly related to the performance of customer devices. Inadequate coverage of a layer in certain areas can lead to unwanted cracks and even cause a device failure. With years of manufacturing experience, Sensera is able to well control the thickness uniformity to build customer devices with robust structures.
Specifically, Sensera provides:

  • Sputter deposition capability of multiple metals and dielectrics
  • Evaporation of metals and dielectrics
  • Diverse materials set Ag, Au, Cr, Ni, Pt, Si, Sn, Ti, Pd, SiO2, SiNx, TaO5 and can add additional metals and dielectrics
  • Electroplating of various metals


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