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26 June 2019
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement


  • Newly-added MicroDevices manufacturing capabilities accelerate Sensera customers’ technical strengths in the US$1 billion global market for medical fibre and the overall US$6.5 billion global fibre optics market (Source: Grand View Research – April 2019).
  • As new applications for Sensera’s fibre optic capabilities include enhancement of miniature microscopy, measuring intervascular BP, shape sensing for minimally invasive surgery and illumination of endoscope for cancer detection, the Company sees immediate scope to provide greater value to a range of customers in the strategically significant MedTech sector.

Sensera Limited (ASX: SE1, “Sensera” or “the Company”), an Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider that delivers sensor-based products transforming real-time data into meaningful information, action and value, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Sensera Inc. (MicroDevices), a designer and manufacturer of high-performance sensors and modules, has expanded its capabilities to include precision fibre optic assemblies. This gives customers access to complex and specialised polymer fiber coatings, optical alignments, fibre polishing, cable assemblies, optical power measurements, pressure calibration and temperature cycle testing.

Sensera Inc. GM, Tim Stucchi, said:

“Sensera provides critically-dimensioned optics on the miniature or microscale level for technically advanced industries. By partnering through concept, design, and delivery, we accelerate our customers’ technical strengths in a competitive industrial marketplace.”

Industry analyst Geoffrey Garth of 4080 Consulting concurs, saying:

“Sensera’s capabilities in the growing $6.5 billion global fibre optic marketplace will clearly bring new value to clients.”

An optical pressure sensor (~0.25mm diameter) attached to fibre with protective metal housing (left); and optical interferometer images (right) showing minimal apex offset ~5um (inset) and 3D radius of curvature

In addition to a strong presence in the medical industry, Sensera’s precision micro/electro-optical and mechanical systems and assemblies are used in industrial systems and aerospace applications. Sensera’s quality is of the highest level and is endorsed by ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications.

Sensera CEO, Ralph Schmitt, said:

“Sensera’s capabilities continue to be refined. The company prides itself on the ability to design and build end-to-end sensor-based solutions; including full optical and mechanical component fabrication. Providing customers greater value added through sensor-based vertical integration is a core company strategy. The expansion of fibre optic assembly capabilities is another step in fulfilling that strategy and has been driven by specific customer needs and requirements.”