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February 28, 2018 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sensera, Inc. has acquired and qualified for production a PAS5000/55 stepper with a 0.5um resolution and 50nm CD control. The ASML stepper is ideal for all types of MEMS and IC production with throughput of up to 71 wafers per hour. The 5000 platform provides world class ASML phase grating alignment and stage precision. “We are very pleased to bring to our customers sub-micron photo capabilities. This stepper expands Sensera’s photolithographic tool set and enables building more complex devices with tighter tolerances, good yields and high throughput to reduce production costs,” said Tim Stucchi, COO of Sensera’s MicroDevice division.

“EO Technical Solutions (EOTS) was pleased to have the opportunity to supply Sensera with an ASML PAS5000/55. This system was ASML’s 3rd generation 2500/5000 platform which proved to be the production workhorse for all the major 6″ fabs for more than 3 decades. The advantage of this system is its precision stage and 2 point global alignment that competitors’ systems couldn’t match. EOTS continues to support this tried and true production platform,” according to Ernie Oster, President of EOTS.

“We continue to add new customers which drive bespoke solutions in areas such as infrared emitters, microfluidic devices, fiber optics and other sensors,” stated Ralph Schmitt, CEO of Sensera, Inc. “We have committed to our customers to drive these complex processes in-house and this added capability will enable us to support them at the cost and efficiency that is necessary to be a leading-edge MEMs supplier.“

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An integrated fast-turnaround designer and manufacturer of specialized high performance micro-sensors and micro-fabricated components for Healthcare, Industrial, Defense and Aerospace markets. We deliver low cost and rapid response on complex MEMS and microdevice projects for companies transitioning prototypes to low level production and initial revenue ramp. We leverage in-house MEMS/microfab capabilities with a rapidly reconfigurable network of external partners and suppliers. This enables us to execute on a wide variety of projects, even those requiring exotic materials and processes. This positions Sensera Microelectronics as a unique industry resource.