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19 April 2018
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Announcement

  • Record revenue of US$2.2 million for the quarter and US$1.27 million in cash receipts reflecting growth in location awareness and microdevice sales
  • Executed a two-year multimillion dollar exclusive anchor supply agreement with SMARTBOW, a leading provider of animal health solutions that will drive growth in FY19 and FY20
  • Supply chain and manufacturing improvements drove increased margins and the highest volume of product shipments to date
  • Reaffirmed FY18 revenue guidance of US$6.25 million to US$7.25 million
  • Provided an initial forecast of 60% growth in revenue in FY19 and cash flow positive late in FY19

Sensera  Limited  (ASX:  SE1,  “Sensera”  or  “the  Company”),  an  Internet  of  Things  (IoT)  solution  provider that  delivers  sensor-based  products  transforming  real-time  data  into  meaningful  information,  action and value, is pleased to report on its activities for the quarter ended 31 March 2018.