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SG111A Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor

Dual Channel NDIR CO2 Sensor Module

SG111A is a compact dual channel non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor module with digital interfaces for measuring CO2 concentrations in ambient air.

With an autonomous self-calibration function, the SG111A sensor offers dependable performance by eliminating sensor signal drifts caused by environmental changes and component ageing.

The SG111A has multiple digital interfaces for customer use to seamlessly integrate SG111A with other hardware systems. SG111A offers high accuracy and dependability at an affordable price.

The sensor module is individually pre-calibrated, does not require calibrations in the field, and measures CO2 concentrations up to 5,000 ppm (factory set, other maximum concentrations and alarm settings are available upon request).


  • Complete device – no additional components needed
  • Small size (32mm x 20mm x 8.1mm)
  • Low power (5VDC, 18mA avg. current)
  • High accuracy and excellent stability
  • Absolute measurement with dual-channel self-calibration NDIR technology
  • Pre-calibrated and ready-to-use
  • Digital interface using RS232 and PWM Digital outputs for high level of CO2 warning (alarm when concentration > 2000ppm; other settings available upon request)
  • Automatic Background Calibration (ABC)


  • Safety – gas level and situation monitoring
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and controls
  • Food safety and spoilage detection
  • Smart farming – Agriculture and livestock
  • Automatic air ventilation systems
  • HVAC monitoring and control
  • Mining
  • Construction

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