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Towakon is a wireless sensor designed to detect even very small leaks in plumbing connected hardware.

Sensera’s first application of the technology is for toilets, which are the largest cause of water waste in homes in the US. However, this technology could be applied to various other valved devices.

Sensera is seeking a partner to commercialize or license the technology.

Wireless Microflow Detection Sensor

  • Detect ultra low leak rates of 1 drop per second (.3ml) or less
  • Unique to industry
  • Low cost (quick ROI)
  • Connected wireless technology can notify by audio, email or text.
  • Auto shutoff on overflow capability
  • Easy to install – takes minutes, 1 tool required!
  • Every toilet in a building can be networked with a superintendent dashboard on their office computer
  • Patent pending

Key Features

Communicates with your cell phone or the internet

Stay connected with the status of your home appliance

Detects continuous flow situations and warns you by audio, email, or text

Audible alarm for overflow.  Your toilet will email you if an emergency overflow occurs

Autonomous emergency shutoff capability

Can be configured to shut down the water supply to your toilet if a run away situation is detected

Self powered – no electrical hookup required

Ingenious design derives power from water flow and requires no AC voltage.

Detects low leakages of 1 drop per second and less

Patent pending technology allows the detection of leaks as low as 0.3ml per second! In an apartment building of 400 units this can mean $20,000 per year

Detects leaky flapper valve

Often Homeowners are unaware toilet flapper is leaking, wasting hundreds of gallons of water

Standard crescent wrench to install

Or install by hand if your toilet connection is compatible. Inserts between the supply valve and your toilet by hand!

Towakon™ Specifications

Power Requirements – self powered rechargeable battery by energy harvesting. 3.3V internal. Warns of low battery condition and can be programmed to shut down toilet if unused for more than a certain period of time that exceeds remaining battery life. A Battery only version is available at a lower cost.

Pressure Range – operates over the range of commercial and domestic plumbing pressures.

Mounting requirements – any orientation, water proof housing. Hand tightened compression fittings the same as those used for a supply valve.

Wireless Communication – Can be configured with Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) to mobile phone or laptop computer or wireless network 802.11

Data Storage – reports leak rate and type (low and continuous from bad fill valve or periodic bursts of flow from a bad flapper valve). Number of flushes per day. Approximate total volume of water consumed or wasted per day.

Emergency Cutoff – can be configured to shut off toilet supply after user specified amount of time 100 to 1000 seconds (300 seconds default). This option not on current prototype.

Size – approximately 150mm x125mm x 125mm (outside extent)

Weight – 545g (20 oz)

Expected Lifetime of 5 Years

No maintenance, install once and replace every 5 years to insure continued protection

*Specifications subject to change


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